Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Grade Report

When checking my 3 sons grade reports for the end of semester it made me think about what if God gave is grades; like a Christ-like Report Card- hmmm, what grades would God give me?  In school we had subjects like reading, writing, Oral Communications, Math and PE. Also there was always that grade for conduct and in college attendance was given points.  So here are where my thoughts went...if I were to be handed a report card from God, would I receive passing grades in the following subjects???
  • Reading (The Bible) = ? 
  • Writing (sending encouraging words) = ?
  • Oral Communication (Praying)= ?
  • Math (multiplying God's kingdom/witnessing) = ? 
  • ... Conduct (living Christ-like) = ?
  • Attendance (church) = ?
  • PE (being the hands & feet of Jesus) = ? 
I challenge you to examine "your grades" and ask God to show you the areas that "Need Improvement" in 2016. Lord please help me to always keep YOU first in my life. Thank you for forgiving me of my sins & failures, I love You!

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