Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Barbados, Belize, and OCC Prayer, Will you be the one?

This week will you join us in praying for Barbados and Belize? They are in the Caribbean Sea. Barbados has 10 different people groups and 20% are unreached. 34% of the population is Evangelical Christian! Belize is a Caribbean coastal enclave bordering Guatemala and Mexico. It has the world’s second-largest coral barrier reef. It has 14 different people groups and 7% are unreached. 19% are Evangelical Christians. HIV/AIDS is a serious threat to Belize with its 2.4% (and rising) infection rate, it is the highest in Central America. Pray for Barbados and Belize this week.

Specific requests are:
1. Pray for favor from the government for a successful exoneration for next year’s distribution season.

1. Pray for God’s covering and blessing on those involved with the project.
2. Pray that leaders around the world will lead with integrity, humility, justice, and mercy.

General International Prayer Requests:
1. Wisdom to recruit, select and lead new and/or transitioning volunteer leadership team members.
2. Provision of resources to reach their God-sized goals for the current year.
OCC Mid-South Regional Prayer Request:
1. Pray for OCC events that are happening around our region.
2. Pray for good health and protection for all OCC volunteers and staff.
3. Continue to pray for all Collection and Relay Center Coordinators as they prepare for National Collection Week.
4. Pray for the Mid-South Goal of 737,500 Gospel Opportunities.
5. Please pray for the refugee crisis that is happening and for Samaritan’s Purse as we respond.
NEA OCC Requests:
1. Our 10,200 Gospel Opportunity Goal for this season!
2. For patience and wisdom during this collection season so that others may see Christ through our actions as we serve as year-around volunteers.
3. For us to be rooted and strengthened as we roll into collection season!

Did you know, in today’s world…
· 2.6 billion people lack basic sanitation?
· 1.8 billion are undernourished?
· 1.5 billion have no access to medical care?
· 1.4 billion live on less than $1.85 a day?

From a spiritual perspective, did you know…
· 2.6 billion people do not have religious freedom?
· Of the 6,468 languages spoken in the world today, 4,024 do not have a complete Bible translation?
· 22 countries absolutely forbid preaching the gospel?

Billions upon billions of people have little to no access to the saving gospel of Christ. Billions of men and women live in spiritual darkness without hope of light. Billions of boys and girls have never heard “Jesus loves me! This I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

Pray against the oppression and suppression of the gospel around the world. Ask God to help us see the lost with His eyes and feel an immense burden to share Truth with them.

Pray I will be the Light to this dark world as we pack and ship Gospel Opportunities around the world! Will you also be the one?

Al Denson sings:
"Oh sometimes it's hard to know, Who is right and what is wrong, And where are you supposed to stand, When the battle lines are drawn? There's a voice that is calling out,
For someone who's not afraid, To be a beacon in the night. To a world that's lost it's way.
There are still some battles, That I must fight from day to day, Yet the Lord provides the power, For me to stand and say, I will be the one, To answer to His call, I will stand,
When those around me fall, I will be the one, To take His light into a darkened world.
I will be the one!"
Will you be the one to answer to His call? 
Will you pray and be love on the move for Him today? 
Will you encourage someone to pack a shoebox today?

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