Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Operation Christmas Child Prayer - Middle East and North Africa

April Week 2:
OCC Mid-South Requests
  • Pray for Connect volunteers and OCC staff as they travel to the Connect Conferences in Atlanta April 28-30.
  • Pray for all Area Coordinators as they lead, equip and encourage their area teams.
NEA Requests
  • Pray for our NEA Team as we grow our team and look for Relay Centers & Coordinators, new team members, and new donor churches! 
  • Pray for our goals for shoebox collections for 2016: 11,222 Gospel Opportunities!!!!! 
MENA- Sensitive Country
  • Pray for the start of the discipleship program for the first time in this country. 
  • Pray for the provision of storage for the shoebox gifts. 
  • Pray the team is able to find more Ministry Partners to hold Outreach Events to the children.
MENA- Sensitive Country
  • Pray for favor with the government so the volunteer team is able to obtain the needed tax exemption for the upcoming season.
MENA- Sensitive Country
  • Praise God the team is still committed to the ministry despite the security challenges. 
  • Pray for the security and safety of the team members during the civil war. 
  • Pray for the residency renewal of the team members in the country. 
  • Pray the team is able to travel outside the country to participate in OCC conferences.
Tony Evans says “Prayer is not the pregame; it is the game. It is not the preparation for battle; it is the war.”  “Prayer is the communication link between the visible and invisible world.”
Thank you for faithfully praying for Operation Christmas Child.

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