Saturday, May 30, 2015

D6 Sunday School Titus 3

Tomorrow we finish our study of Titus in Sunday School. In chapter 3:1-2, Paul gives Titus and the Cretans 7 guidelines to being good Christians, good citizens, & good neighbors. Can you find them? Do our actions show the world that we are Christians or is there enough evidence in our daily living to prove it? We don't do these good works to "earn" our way into Heaven but to show gratitude for God's grace and to show thanks for Jesus' willingness to die for our sins.  It's a response we should want to have to reflect Christ' Love in us. We should strive to be a fruitful follower of God, producing good fruit and leading others closer to Christ - not devoting ourselves to things of this world but instead devoting ourselves to His Kingdom and doing good for others. 

Let me sum it up...
We are NOTHING without Jesus. 
HE became NOTHING, so
We could have EVERYTHING!
NOTHING should be more important than us giving HIM our EVERYTHING! 

He deserves our gratitude and a life of total devotion. He came to earth, died, and arose again to give us eternal life. Our good works and obedience show our gratitude to Him. 

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