Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 2017 - Pray with Operation Christmas Child

NEA OCC Requests:
  1. Our local Northeast-Arkansas Team as we are seeking God’s direction in an Area Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator, Central Drop-off and seeking the right person to be our Local Drop-off leader for one of our current locations, also we are trying to add more prayer mobilization team members.
  2. Forty-five (45) new Prayer Network Partners from our area team which could translate to 4 to 5 children per minute coming to Jesus through The Greatest Journey! Your role is so pivotal in making disciples across the globe. PNP are not year around volunteers, but they are vital prayer warriors! Who should you ask to be a Prayer Network Partner--Fellow believers, Prayer warriors, Family, Friends, Co-workers, Church prayer groups, Christian organizations, Organized prayer groups, Denominational groups, Anyone who will pray over these request they receive! They can sign up to be a Prayer Network Partner at:
  3. Pray for Matthew Barnett (Kevin & Jennifer’s son) as he will be on a Mission Trip to Kazakhstan June 8-28th.
OCC Mid-South Prayer Request:
  1. Praise God for those Connect Volunteers who have recommitted for 2017 and for 61 new volunteers! 
  2. Praise for an amazing vision trip to Rwanda and for all that God is doing in that country. 
  3. Mid-South goal of 850,000 Gospel Opportunities.
  4. Pray for new churches to partner with us as Central Drop-off and Drop-off locations. 
  5. Pray for God to call leader volunteers. 
  6. Pray for volunteers in our region who are experiencing health issues. 
East Africa International Prayer Requests - General Prayer Requests each country faces:
  1. Wisdom to recruit, select, lead, and develop new and/or transitioning volunteer leadership team members.
  2. Provision of resources and the person who leads this area so they are able to reach their God-sized goals for the current year.
WEEK 1: June 1-7 
  1. Praise God for the current peace and stability in the country, which gives Operation Christmas Child an opportunity to reach more children and to import the shoeboxes without any issues. 
  2. Pray for the teachers all over Burundi who are currently leading The Greatest Journey classes. Pray the children will be able to understand the lessons and will learn more about the Lord Jesus.
  1. Praise God the shoeboxes were released from customs even in the midst of challenges with government. 
  2. Pray for a peaceful election this year, by the grace of God, that the work of Operation Christmas Child would not be hindered.
WEEK 2: June 8-14

  1. Praise God for the opportunities to host the 2017 Harvest Vision Trip (for Year-Round Area Coordinator Volunteers) and to reach over 152,000 children with the Gospel in Rwanda. 
  2. Pray for the children going through The Greatest Journey right now in Rwanda that God will lead and speak to their souls. Pray God would allow every teacher and child to complete their discipleship class.
South Sudan: Praise God all the containers safely arrived in Juba and now the shoeboxes are making their journey to the regions and the refugee camps.

WEEK 3: June 15-21

  1. Praise God for the new Senior Regional Leadership Team members who have been trained, understand the vision of Operation Christmas Child, and are now leading trainings in their regions. 
  2. Pray for the changes in the government’s importation policies that are making it very difficult to obtain the tax exoneration.
WEEK 4: June 22-30

  1. Praise God for the opportunity to have the volunteer National Leadership Team and a few strategic regional volunteer members attend the Global Connect Conference in Orlando this past April. 
  2. Pray for Operation Christmas Child’s ministry in Uganda as it is becoming more challenging to import the shoeboxes without paying taxes; pray the LORD will change the hearts of the government leaders so they will grant the tax exoneration.
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