Thursday, May 12, 2016

Operation Christmas Child Prayer May Week 2

May Week 2
OCC Mid-South (Arkansas, Tennessee & Kentucky) Requests:

  1. Pray for the Mid-South goal of 820,001 GOSPEL OPPORTUNITIES. NEA GOAL is 11,222. USA goal is 9,500,000. All sending countries together is 12 million shoeboxes!!! 
  2. Pray for Franklin Graham and the Decision America Tour as they continue to travel around the United States.  
  3. Pray for Church and Community Relations Team Members. They are in ENGAGEMENT season seeking partnerships with new churches and community groups and organizations to pack shoeboxes.  
  4. Pray for Logistics – Network Coordinators, Area Coordinators and Mid- South staff who are seeking new drop-off locations for National Collection Week all over our three state area. Pray that God would open amazing doors for new relay and collection centers.
OCC NEA Requests: (Craighead, Clay, Greene, Lawrence, Mississippi, Poinsett, and Randolph Counties):  This week pray for all our Church and Community Relations Team Members as they try to reach new contacts to cast the vision of OCC and get more people involved and excited about spreading the Gospel through gift-filled shoeboxes!

International Prayer Requests:
  1. Praise God for The Greatest Journey (12 lesson discipleship program). Pray hearts will be wide open to receive the Gospel through this part of our ministry! 
  2. Pray for tax exemption of shoeboxes in five countries primarily in Africa and South Asia. 
  3. Pray for customs clearance of the sea containers filled with shoebox Gospel Opportunities in eleven countries including Madagascar and three sensitive countries in North Africa, South Asia and East Asia. 
  4. Pray for Venezuela, their shoeboxes have been blocked the past 4 years. 
  5. Pray as we integrate the NO CANDY and NO TOOTHPASTE into our 2017 campaign of shoeboxes. 
This week we will be praying for Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, and Tanzania.

Guinea: Pray for the Muslim children OCC is ministering to.

Guinea-Bissau: Pray for easier access so shoeboxes can be delivered to more remote areas.

began receiving shoe box gifts in 1996. The National Leadership Team consists of Justin Mosa who serves as the NLT Coordinator, Yriarte Rakotoharimanana as Discipleship Coordinator, Julie Ramialisoa as Prayer Coordinator, Josette Ramiarantsoa as Resource Coordinator, Tiana Ranaivoarison as Logistics Coordinator and Camille Ratsimbazafy as Church Mobilization Coordinator. The Madagascar NLT has 4 Super Regional Leadership Teams and 17 Regional Leadership Teams that are instrumental in leading efforts in the different regions of the country.
Madagascar OCC

Madagascar OCC

  1.  Pray for tax exemption of the 18 containers filled with Gospel Opportunities waiting to reach the children. 
  2. Praise God for the massive and active participation of the parents and children who are sharing the Gospel after TGJ Graduation. 
  3. Praise God for good participation in the Train the Trainers. 
  4. Pray for God’s intervention so that the “Ministry of Population” will support the tax exoneration (exemption) process. 
  5. Madagascar OCC
  6. Pray for the Outreach Event in the Least Unreached People Group of Faux Cap.
Malawi National Leadership Team began with its first season in 2000. Jean Kamenya is the NLT Coordinator. The Malawi NLT has 1 Super Regional Leadership Team and 1 Regional Leadership Teams that are instrumental in leading efforts in the different regions of the country.  

  1. Praise God for the successful completion of many TGJ graduations. 
  2. Praise God for His love for the children of Malawi. Praise Him for the projects planned for 2016 to focus more on the impact of TGJ and to reach and impact Least Reached, Unreached and Unengaged People Groups (LUUPGs). 
  3. Praise God for the growth in membership in some churches where children received OCC gift boxes. 
  4. Pray God will give the team grace as they meet Ministry Partners and carry out trainings. Pray the whole process will be a success. 
  5. Pray the Unreached People Groups program will be a success and that these areas will receive the Gospel positively.
Namibia began receiving shoe box gifts in 2000. The current National Leadership Team Coordinator is Isak Farmer. The Namibia NLT has 2 Regional Leadership Teams that are instrumental in leading efforts in the different regions of the country.
  1. Praise God for the establishment of two new RLTs. 
  2. Praise God for the around 800 TGJ teachers trained this year. 
  3. Praise God for the committed local contacts who joined the Khomas Team. 
  4. Pray for a new NLT Resource Coordinator and Prayer Coordinator. 
  5. Pray for the formation of two new RLTs. 
  6. Pray the TGJ teachers and local contacts will remain faithful and committed to the call of God in discipling children. Pray for diligence in reporting all that is to be celebrated from this season. 
  7. Pray the new TGJ material in the Oshiwambo language will enable the Gospel to reach even further and with even greater effectiveness. 
Tanzania National Leadership Team began with its first season in 2000. Rodrick Mbwambo has served faithfully as the NLT Coordinator since that time. The NLT leads 5 Super Regional Leadership Teams and 5 Regional Leadership Teams.
  1. Praise God for the successful and peaceful government elections. 
  2. Praise God for the success of the nConnect held last year. Praise Him for the increase in the number of sRLTs and trained volunteers. 
  3. Praise God for keeping the NLT and sRLT members safe as they traveled for trainings. Praise Him for the success of these trainings and the new MPs who participated in them. 
  4. Pray the authorities will quickly release the exemption documents after the changes with the government positions in the Tanzania Harbor Authorities. 
  5. Pray the children and teachers will be able to complete the TGJ classes. Pray the children will become evangelists. 
  6. Pray for the safety of the NLT as they travel both domestically and internationally for their OCC duties. 
  7. Pray the gift boxes will be used to fulfill OCC’s vision of sharing God’s love and salvation with the children, families, as well as the local churches’ advancement. 
    Madagascar Shoebox transportation by Canoe

“And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14
Just like with Moses, we serve the same God who is with us, gives us rest, and shows us where to go with these shoeboxes!

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