Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Philippines and Operation Christmas Child

Praise God for our new NEA collection center! It is going to be at First Free Will Baptist on Stadium in Jonesboro! Kevin Barnett and Kathie Kinard will be the co-coordinators.  

This week we are asking you to pray for the Philippines. The Philippians are made up of 7,250 islands, over 700 of them are inhabited; 11 islands contain the bulk of the population. 11% of the population is unreached people groups. Only 12% of the total population is Evangelical Christian.  House Churches are being planted but growth is slow due to Muslim influence. The total population is over 93,600,000 people. 
- Praise God for the millions of Bibles that are translated and distributed each year and that His Word will make a deep and lasting impact on lives. 
- Praise God for enabling the team to reach the unreached people groups, including the Mandaya Tribe and the Kalagan tribe in Mindanao and Mindoro, through the shoebox distributions.
- Praise God the NLT, sRLTs, and RLTs are each functioning in their own roles, but are still working interdependently and serving in unity. 
- Praise God for the increased number of volunteers on the sRLTs and the difference they are making for Jesus.
- Praise God for the TGJ trainings, from the Train the Trainers to the teacher trainings, which were completed in all three major islands. 
- Praise Him that TGJ classes have reached new islands.
- Pray for the recruitment and selection processes of candidates for the vacant positions on the NLT and RLTs.
- Pray the teams will be able to adjust to the delays in receiving the training materials and will still be able to complete the trainings by their target dates. 
- Pray for the ongoing TGJ classes- pray more children will grow in the Word of God and that the teachers will lead the classes with compassion and love. 
- Pray for the remaining distributions. 
- Pray for the safety of the volunteers, partners, and teachers as they travel to remote areas for these distributions. 
- Pray for upcoming travel for the vision castings, MP trainings, TGJ training, recruitments, and interviews of potential volunteers.
 - Lastly, pray OCC will do abundantly more in 2015!!! 

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