Friday, April 24, 2015

Peru & Operation Christmas Child

The week of praying for Paraguay and Peru is coming to an end so I want to thank you for your prayers and end with some specific requests and information about Peru. Shoebox gifts were first delivered to children in Peru in 1996. The National Leadership Team (NLT) consists of Teresa Choquehuanca as National Coordinator, Silvia Titto as Prayer Coordinator, Loida Herrera as Logistics Coordinator, Ana Delgado as Discipleship Coordinator, Dina Gamboa as Training Coordinator and Margoth Aguirre as Resources Coordinator. The NLT has developed 12 Regional Leadership Teams that are instrumental in leading efforts in the different regions of the country. Pray for these leaders.   Pray for the people living in the Puno region as they deal with extremely cold weather. Pray for the native communities. Pray for the new Regional Leadership Teams.  Praise God for all He has done in 2014 – for allowing the team to take the Gospel to 15 regions and to share it with 166,977 children. Praise Him for the children who accepted Christ and participated in The Greatest Journey (TGJ).  Praise God for the children’s prayer program in Peru, Children in the Gap, which saw hundreds of children join in prayer for the ministry of OCC this year. Praise God for allowing the team to reach children who live in remote places with great spiritual needs.  Praise God for the volunteer regional leadership teams, Teacher Trainers, and volunteers, whose hearts are ready to serve with OCC and who make this ministry possible.  Pray for the volunteer regional leadership team who live in areas where the rainy season makes it difficult to travel in order to distribute boxes and for the children to attend TGJ classes.  Pray for the provision of the resources for the volunteer regional leadership team working in the jungles of Peru.  Thank you for praying and have a blessed weekend! 

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